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Last Sunday, June 29— we went to this expo in SMX, SM Mall of Asia for the dog and cat expo! I went there with my family, Bella, Paolo, Yam, and Leroy! Leroy is Yam’s shih tzu (the one in the cart hehehe) and Bella (as usual blurred) being very very naughty and hyper the whole time. Haha!


I was so happy cause there were free treats everywhere (even dentastix HAHAHA) It’s obvious in the photo that Bella was super duper happy too!!!


This one naman is my favorite part— the ALL 4 PETS booth. They’re like caterers for Pet parties. Or kahit bakery lang. Haha. I wanna buy Bella’s cake here for her 1st birthday! (Medyo matagal pa tho HAHA) Oh and by the way, humans can actually eat this too! The lady told me that it’s edible and so I tasted it too. Hahaha!


Bella’s munching on these yummy All 4 Pets bone-shaped bread!


A lot of people were also curious about Bella’s eyes (cause she’s parti-eyed!) Some kids would hug her and there was this Korean (ata if im not mistaken) that took a picture with her! <3


There were also doggie playgrounds around! <3


And the Siberian Huskies pack were so amazed by this scary boxer…. uhm HAHAHAHA 


More husky photos! This husky wearing the green bandana/handkerchief is also a female and 4-months (same age as bella!) She found her twin! <3


Andddd we met Bonzai/Bonsai! This is a mixed breed of a Husky and a Japanese Spitz!


Bella was so hyper and she kept on pulling me to every spot she wanted to go. (I know, I still gotta train her the art of walking hehe) But I’m glad she pooped outside (where I can clean it up easily rather than pooping inside SMX wahaha) and she also listened to (well not all, but maybe most of) my commands! I still gotta train her how to look in front of the camera tho. Haha!


That’s Yammy and Leroy!


Family portrait ang peg?! Haha. 


This photo was taken when we were watching the dog food eating contest (large breed dogs version hehe) and I tried to carry Bella because I wanted her to see what was going on, kahit alam kong wala siyang kaide-ideya about it HAHAHA <3


The dog food eating contest!


All in all, our Pet Expo experience was totes one for the books and I actually learned a lot from this! (Besides getting a lot of freebies from everything, and discounts from everything too hehe) I’m also very happy to see dogs everywhere (and I’m sure Bella is too! Since it’s her first time to actually socialize in front of A LOT of dogs) and it seemed like it was normal. You know, bringing a dog outside may seem awkward and off sometimes. Lalo na sa mga taong maarte at feeling nila dadapuan lang sila ng aso ko eh kakagatin na sila or may rabies na or basta kung anuman. That day felt so great that everyone was actually happy to see different kinds of dogs!


Posted: July 01, 2014
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This pretty much sums up how my life’s been for the past few days (or maybe weeks hehe) and I’m happy to share more photos with you guys!

I have 21 units for this semester (thank God, because I had 26 last sem and I died) and most of my classes are 3-hour major classes (which is okay but not really haha) But the thing is, it’s pretty much a chill schedule because my I only have 1 class for my MW sched and I don’t have a class for my Fri/Sat so may *~^happy thursday^~* ako kahit alam kong hindi naman ako nag-hhappy thursday because I am a lola. Charot. Sorry, I get the joy of actually being home early and resting rather than wasting my money and time with drinks and pretentious people (and no I am not an introvert nor anti-social, I just don’t find my happiness with that kind of way and I don’t intend to hurt anyone who loves happy thursdays just to clear it up HAHA) Anyway, my TTH schedule is really bad, as in 7:30am-7:30pm (ang lala) but I only have 4 classes. The thing is I have a 4 1/2-hour break in between and I had no choice because I was second batch for enlistment and most of my major subjects are in the evening. Okay lang sana kung malapit yung bahay ko or nagdodorm ako, pero deins men.

Anyway, I’m trying to tolerate this shitty schedule (or maybe life haha jk) and I’ve been really really happy to actually learn how to COMMUTE all alone. Oo guys, eto na naa-absorb ko na 18 na talaga ako. Kahit nainsulto ako sa LRT kahapon kasi tinanong ako nung cashier kung ilang taon na ako. Mukha ba akong bata? Ha, koya? Huhu!


(This photo was taken while we were on our way to Alabang from Taft) 

Pao and I met up in Taft yesterday because he went to UN to get his NBI clearance. So after my 7:30-10:30 class, I headed to Taft (by commuting) and I survived!!! Actually nakapag-commute na ako before to Taft from Katipunan pero syempre may kasama ako na mas alam so parang chillax lang, pero kapag mag-isa kasi parang ang complicated na ewan hindi ko alam san pupunta pero buti nalang marunong ako mag basa ng sign. Hahaha.

Well anyway, we headed to Cartimar after meeting up with Yam kasi miss ko na siya, char. Nag-canvas ako ng cage for Bella because she’s growing up na and we also want her to have her own ‘kennel’ kasi naman ang laki laki na niya pls at madalas na siya makawala ng bahay. Huhu.


My two best college friends— Cha and Chelli! They’re my bitchmates and I can be a total bitch when I'm with them cause they won’t even complain…… sobrang makikiride sila kaya love ko sila. Hahahaha. Actually, sa kanila ko namana yung pagka-bitch ko. Sila ang salarin. Hahaha love u both.


Captain Denya! Nakakainis matching kami sa photo na to. Anyway ewan ko sobrang fun lang kapag magkasama kami never nagkaka-dull moment pag kasama mo to. Haha!


Argie, Phussy, Danni and Selena!!!! You’ll actually get to talk more about life with these people……… HAHAHA love you guys <3


Posted: June 27, 2014
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Do you have any tips to start an online shop? And how to find a legit supplier?

Hi! Let me start off by telling you that starting up an online shop is— stressful…… but super fun!!! Disclaimer: this may be a bit long— pero this will help you a lot I promise! 


Syempre magsstart ka ng business mo wala kang capital? Hindi naman ata pwede ’yun. Siguro pwede kung walang meet ups, yung tipong PAY TODAY, SHIP TOMORROW. Tapos pag nakabayad na yung buyer mo, ibabayad mo agad yun sa supplier mo tapos yung matitira sayo yung profit mo. Hanggang sa palaguin mo. Haha! But yeah, syempre capital is important kapag gusto mo makipag-meet up para mas maraming buyers diba?

YOU MUST HAVE A BUSINESS NUMBER OR VIBER AT LEAST (pwede rin namang wechat, whatsapp, kakao, line, etc. pero mas reliable ang viber)

You don’t want people texting you via your personal number, right? Mura lang naman mag invest sa isang sim card eh. May free load pa yan diba? Haha! Well anyway, maganda rin magka-viber for desktop kasi mas madali mong mattrack yung orders + macocontact yung customers. Pahirapan kasi sa phones, madalas pa magcrash!


Take note of ALL the orders. I swear this will help you a lot. Lagay mo dun yung name nila, order nila, yung number nila, iba pang info, tapos yung CASH IN and CASH OUT. Also, your expenses. Syempre you gotta track your business if you really are gaining profits! Mahirap ng hindi kasi para mo lang linoloko sarili mo kung hindi. Hahaha


Okay, eto talaga ang pet peeve ko sa online shopping eh. Sa totoo lang, inis na inis ako sa mga online shop owners na nagpopost ng mga ‘joy reservers’ and all that. Sasabihin nila na ”wala akong oras sa mga ganito niyo" pero may oras sila para ipost ang mga joy reservers nila! Haha. Okay, respeto nalang siguro kasi they may be having a bad day, but that doesn’t mean that— that joy reserver is also a JOY RESERVER his/her whole life. Hugot ba? Medyo, kasi sinabihan na si Paolo ng isang online shop na joy reserver, pero hello wala kasi siyang internet kaya hindi siya makapagreply agad thru viber. Kaloka!

Anyway, yun nga— you’ll see in my THREE online shops that I don’t post JOY RESERVERS or BOGUS BUYERS. Sobrang waste of time lang siguro. Tsaka hello, madali lang naman iwasan ang ganyan eh. Just make an order form na ganito:







Eh di tapos. Nanote mo na agad. Tapos, if he/she doesn’t pay on the said date of payment— then ask him/her if she’s still getting it. If they’re getting it, then pagbigyan mo. If not, then just say “Okay. Thank you.” wala namang mawawala dun eh. Mas mauubos pa nga ata oras mo kung awayin mo siya at sabihang joy reserver. Kung binili mo yung stock na yun para sa buyer na yun eh di yun ang mali ng isang online shop owner, dapat bibilhin mo lang yun kung bayad na siya through the MOP. Dito din naman natin maiiwasan if ever may bogus buyer eh. Kasi may details ng full name and IG username (just so we’ll know if this person is LEGIT haha)

*For meet ups, eto ‘yung mahirap. May isang beses na nangyari sa akin ang hindi nag show up ang buyer. Okay lang, actually hassle kasi binake ko pa yun pero wala eh. Siguro just make sure na lang na pupunta siya by texting him/her or reminding nalang! :) 


Oo, be patient talaga. Maraming ignorante sa mundo ng online shopping kaya dapat matuto ka maging patient. Hahaha. Ang mean lang ba. Well sa totoo lang, I’ve had buyers who were so inconsiderate and PARANOID. Feeling nila scammer ako kasi hindi pa dumadating yung parcel/package sa kanila. Well excuse me. HINDI YUN KASALANAN NG SELLER DAHIL HINDI NAMAN YUNG SELLER ANG NAGSHI-SHIP DIBA? Ang mali ko nun, I acted unprofessionally and sinagot ko yung buyer. Mali talaga. Pero okay lang, syempre minsan talaga kailangan mo ipaglaban ang rights mo as a human being. Haha! Sobrang naloka lang talaga ako kasi, a few hours after that time that buyer told me na scammer ako— bigla siyang nag text at nag sorry sa mga pinagsasasabi niya. Sobrang awkward lang. Haha. Dumating din yung stocks sa kanya eh. Minsan kasi may mga tao talagang hindi marunong mag trust. Sawi lang sa lovelife siguro. Chos! Hahahaha. Nagonline shop pa sila kung gusto nila nakukuha nila agad at walang hintay hintay diba?! Kaloka.

Pero syempre, you gotta understand all these processes and PEOPLE. Paano ka magkakabuyer kung hindi mo sila iintindihin, diba? :-) I guess my suggestion here is make a template nalang siguro. Iexplain mo lahat ng process and stuff na mangyayari and copy paste nalang. Para organized :-)

CONTROL YOUR POSTS (may it be IG or FB, unless you have your own website!)

These followers are precious. Hahaha. Hindi naman ako follower freak na uy inunfollow ako ni— iblock ko nga siya. Haha! Pero syempre, credibility din yang # of followers. Para maka-akit (naks akit talaga) ng customers, iispin nila bat ang onti ng followers nito? Starting palang or scammer? Oo, syempre scammer agad dapat. Hahahaha. Madalas ganyan eh. Pero anyway… dapat ganito, ‘Wag ka gaanong makipag-SFS. Kasi minsan— or maybe MADALAS, hindi siya effective. SFS is share for share. Meaning may online shop na magppromote sayo, pero ippromote mo rin siya. Pwede to kung tipong 2-3 lang ippromote mo. Pero kung 10. Jusko teh mababawasan ka ng 4021082391 followers. Maiirita lang sila. Haha!

Don’t bombard them with what you’re selling. Maybe make a price list or at least a chart na photo tapos dun na makikita. Okay lang yung paisa isa pero syempre dapat hindi all at once!

Ways to find a LEGIT supplier:

1. Check if they have good feedback.

Well you also gotta check if these feedbacks are 101% legit! Some online shops get others’ online shops’ feedbacks just so they’ll have their “own” feedback.

2. If your supplier does not have a bank account, say he/she accepts payment only through Cebuana Lhuiller, LBC, Western Union, etc. don’t get them!

I’m not generalizing that every shop who doesn’t have a bank account is a scammer but we gotta be sure! Better safe than sorry, diba? The thing is, these money remittance centers don’t have “accounts” unlike the bank! Kapag na-scam ka, just go to that certain bank, and syempre gagawan na nila ng paraan ‘yun. Of course signing up for a bank account will require personal information, diba? Maybe they’ll close his/her account or basta something else will happen. The process, I’m not that sure. Basta my parents told me that ganun ang gagawin. Haha!

3. Meet up first, if you can. OR JUST BE NICE. 

Wag niyong iaassume na scammer agad if medyo sketchy. Minsan kasi natural na sa kanila yun or basta may sketchy vibes lang. Hahaha! It’s nice if you ‘create’ a relationship first with that supplier. Chos! Pero syempre mas okay kung makikita mo in person or makikilala mo siya para walang takas kung lolokohin ka man nyan. Chos ulit! ‘Wag niyo silang tatarayan kung may madelay man kasi bad yun. Hahaha. Hindi lang ikaw ang client niyan kaya kahit kailan pwede ka nyan tanggihan, maswerte ka at nakakakuha ka ng murang supplies dyan. Well, in case na makahanap ka ng ibang mas mura— then good! Pero check mo muna ulit if credible sila. If legit sila. Kasi mahirap din kung may mag offer sayo ng mas mura, as in sobrang mura— pero scammer pala. 

4. I find most of my suppliers through Instagram or OLX.ph!

Yup, I am saying this just so I could help you but I know I shouldn’t because mawawalan ako ng customers. Hahaha! But anyway, maraming suppliers sa OLX.ph and most of the time mura talaga— but be careful cause marami ding scammers dun! Sa Instagram naman, hindi naman talaga sila supplier. I mean, supplier sila kuno pero may supplier pa sila na may supplier pa. Maswerte lang sila na mura nila nakukuha and/or maliit lang sila magtubo sa mga ‘resellers’ pero syempre, wala kang takas dahil dapat BULK ang order mo or minimum of 5 or even 10! Haha.

That’s it! I hope it helped you! Tumblr ask me again if you have more questions! Tsaka tell me narin what’s your shop so I could help you promote! <3

Posted: June 23, 2014
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so you auditioned for pbb before? was it hard? how was it... do they really get from the ones who audition or are they madaya...

Yes, I did. Apparently, it wasn’t so hard. The hardest part was the waiting game. I went there around 1-2am and I was what— 3,000+ th on the line! Haha. 5,000 ata yung cut-off as far as I remember. Then ayun, I just got the the ‘audition proper’ mga 12nn na. Sobrang init lang and sa road lang talaga kami natulog. Sobrang di ako prepared pls. Lahat ng mga kasabayan ko may dala dalang banig tsaka mga baon and stuff. Tapos ako, wala ako lang pati bag ko. Hahaha.

The first part was all about YOU and YOUR FACE and HOW YOU TALK. Haha. Yup. Basta nakapila kayo, then magpapakilala kayo and some random question. I remember when they asked me sinong gusto kong maka-date na celebrity or basta kilalang tao and why. Lahat sila sinagot si Robi Domingo, AJ Perez, Piolo Pascual, Gerald Anderson. Ako sinagot ko si Paolo Valenciano. Actually hindi ko alam bakit. Siguro dahil kakabreak lang namin ni Paolo noon. Charot lang. Sabi ko dahil musically inclined siya plus gwapo pa siya pls. Hahaha. Anyway…

The second stage was all about giving you the TITLE. Yun bang ang jeje queen ng Las Pinas yung mga ganon. Hahaha. Hindi ko na maalala kung ano yung title ko basta naalala ko about sa pagiging sawi nanaman yun eh. Hahaha. Basta ikkwento mo lang life mo. Yun lang.

Yung third stage, dun ako bumagsak. Si Laurenti Dyogi ba naman yung naginterview sakin. Malamang sinong hindi kakabahan. Hahaha. Tinanong lang niya kung bakit karapat dapat akong maging big winner. Malamang ang cliche ng sagot ko, sabi ko karapatdapat ako kasi blablablah. Hahaha.

Ayun, natapos ako mga halos 3am na. Kinabukasan yun ha. Kamusta naman mga ateng. Well hindi ko rin masasabi kung peke or what kasi sino ba namang tanga ang maghohold ng nakakastress na auditions tapos joke joke lang pala. Marami rin kayang artistang nakapila nung auditions. Meron pang mga taga GMA 7 eh. Hahaha. Pero hindi ako naniniwala na lahat ng kasama sa PBB is galing sa auditions. For sure yung iba mga connections na lang yun. Hahaha!

Ayun, masaya naman yung auditions all in all kahit nakakastress at pagod. Actually for fun lang talaga yung auditions na yun tska never ko naman hinangad maging model o actress or basta artista. Hahaha. Wala lang trip trip lang. =))

Posted: June 17, 2014
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Today, we celebrated our grandfather’s 3rd death anniversary slash father’s day in La Vista, Quezon City.

It’s really surprising how time passes by so fast— me and my cousins (titos/titas as well kasi halos magkaka-age lang kami( used to be those little kids who would run and play a lot of rough games every reunion pero ngayon, we’re the ones who would just stay in the same spot and talk about life. Naks may ganon. Hahaha! They enjoyed my monopod and so we took selfies. Haha!

Posted: June 15, 2014
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