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Say hello to Camie Juan! :-)

Say hello to Camie Juan! :-)

Posted: May 30, 2014
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We got Bella for 19 thousand pesos. My friend was selling male sibe pups for 15k and 18k for female but Bella was 19k because she was unique among the rest of her siblings. She had blue eyes and she’s parti-eyed, she’s tri-color: she has brown, gray/black, white fur. We decided to get Bella cause we fell in love with her eyes. Haha!

When looking for a pet (adopting or buying), you must follow this tip I got from Cesar Millan! ‘Wag na wag kayong pipili ng aso na masyadong excited when they see you, lalo na pag first time palang. This clearly means that they think that they dominate you and they’re comfortable agad with you. Having a pet is a really really hard job and for one to be a ‘pack leader’ you must must consider this! Bella was really shy and when I first met her she didn’t even made pansin me (excuse the taglish/conyo phrase there haha) I hated dogs for some time because they’re smelly and they bite, and I never really liked touching them because they’re kadiri. The first time I touched/held her, she didn’t even bark or do any movements and she just stayed calm. :-)

Paolo didn’t share any peso hehe my parents paid for my baby girl then I paid them back pero gives na lang tsaka bawas sa allowance during summer sem. Ang hirap magka-aso! Hahaha.

The fire was dead a long long time ago, dear.

I receive P2,000 per week. Half of it goes to my weekly carpool fees and half of it goes to my food/transportation/etc. So technically, my daily allowance is P200 (since I only have 5 days of school hehe)!

As of now, I buy in Hobbes and Landes in ATC because I don’t wanna hoard films! (I don’t have the money to hoard such) Try checking out @instaxfilm on Instagram! :-)

I joined Loyola Film Circle and Grids but ended up not being active on both. It’s just hard to do it with carpool (hahaha) #dontjudge

Posted: May 30, 2014
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I know love is unconditional, but it’s just unfair when it’s unequal.

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Posted: May 30, 2014
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I practiced making different kinds loom band bracelets earlier today just so I won’t feel bored. I made use of the loom kits I am selling through my online shop, @jadoremnl, which I’m selling for only P150! A kit has 600 pcs of loom bands (all jelly and assorted colors), 2 hooks, s-clips, loom board, and a manual! Online shops usually sell it for P200-300 (lakas lang hahaha) but mine’s currently out of stock and I’m only open for reservations!

Posted: May 29, 2014
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Meet Bella Skye! She’s 3 months old and she’s a Siberian Husky.

Since the day we got her, I kind of got away from my social media life (and even my personal life) HEHEHE because she’s our new baby. I swear that we’ve been treating her like a princess— except when she acts like a bitch (which is actually true, cause she’s really a bitch hahaha)

Anyway, trying to make a dog alive is really hard HAHAHA especially huskies!!! Cause they’re really sensitive and masyadong high maintenance lalo na’t nasa tropical country sila.

*I’m actually planning to dedicate some blog entries for my baby lalo na yung mga doggie 101s but I’m not gonna promise hehehe 

Posted: May 29, 2014
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