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I earned 2k then issued for payout right away. So now I am back to square one and I think I only have 20 pesos on my account. Hahaha!

I actually don’t know, too. I myself do not know how to make a relationship last. Well tbh, just don’t mess up. Wag kang sakal, wag ka rin masyadong maging walang paki (gets mo ba, basta kabaliktaran ng sakal hahaha). I am also facing a relationship problem right now and I don’t think I am on the right mood to answer this question because it would be too ironic.

Ay hindi po, gusgusin po akong bata.

Of course not. 

Try to think kung anong uso ngayon or kung anong mabili. Wag kang magiisip ng sa perspective mo lang, dapat be open and think of what others may think as well. Syempre, mamaya sobrang into ka sa mga ganito pero sa totoo lang mas mabenta ang mga ganyan. Gets? Haha. Don’t be afraid. It’s fun to be risky!

Apparently, yes. That’s all.

Posted: July 26, 2014
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My life on Instagram pt. 2

#1: That’s me and Pao and our matchy sling bags. We don’t see each other that much anymore, but I’m still thankful that we still do. Hahaha. An hour every other day isn’t enough, nevertheless I’m still thankful.

#2: Bella had her first training session last week and I was so surprised how intelligent she really is. Kuya Manuel, the trainer, tested her obedience and sniffing skills first before he teaches me the doggie language and other stuff I have to know. You know, dog parenting skills ain’t easy. Haha. Bella was so happy that someone finally understood what she wanted to say— okay I’m trying my best but sometimes watching Ceasar Millan shows, youtube videos, reading stuff on the Internet isn’t enough. Haha!

#3: This was the last drink I purchased with my Starbucks card— well it was actually for free because I finally registered my Starbucks acctafter months of having the card (HAHAHA) but anyway, this was the last because I FREAKING LOST THE CARD. I’ve been trying to open my account online pero idk what the hell happened it just won’t open and it says there that my email’s not registered there. Lol, what.

#4: Finally, night swimming + booze with my high school friends! It was my bestfriend’s sister’s surprise debut— Martha (see reblogged post down there hehe) Headed to Evia afterwards!

#5: Trying out typography. Well, it’s not an original work. I’m still trying out my skill with this thing and I’m starting to love it. You guys should check out Abbey Sy’s instagram account and this is where I got the one I wrote! I was waiting for Paolo in Starbucks, Northgate and I wanted to do something productive (even if it’s not for school haha) cause I did not bring my laptop.

#6: A few hours after the typhoon Glenda hit the Philippines— was a sad Bella. She couldn’t go out and she was frightened with the whirling and howling sound of the wind. She was up like 3am (wednesday) because the electricity went off. She was also having a hard time to sleep for like 3 days (bec wala kaming kuryente ng tatlong araw huhu) because it was too hot for her. Mas gusto niyang natutulog sa labas ng house kung san basa yung floor/malamig. So wawa my baby :-(

#7: Warehouse disaster! Halos lahat ng yero/tapaloda nawala sa sobrang lakas ng bagyo. And I feel bad for our workers that some of them actually went to work despite the typhoon— but my mom syempre told them to go home din. Minsan hindi na nila iniisip yung safety nila just to earn money, and this is why we should all be grateful with what we have right now.. (I think this is my first time posting a photo of our family business haha)

#8: Pepper lunch dinner with Pao last Thursday. I grabbed the chance to go out and charge my phone in ATC just because we still didn’t have electricity at home. Haha. We were supposed to watch She’s Dating The Gangster but Town stopped selling kasi nagbbrown out brownout pa rin. Haha. So we just ate instead! <3

#9: Cherry and Caffeine-free coke in can!!! It’s actually not that hard to look for these because you know I think meron sa snr or like duty free stores here in the Philippines pero this was delivered to our warehouse which makes it so different HAHAHA! Sari-sari stores or the normal convenience stores/grocery shops don’t sell these kaya wala kaming natatanggap na ganito usually. So happy <3

Well that’s it! *note that some of the photos weren’t posted on my Instagram, so it’s just basically my life in squares hehe


Posted: July 19, 2014
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Martha’s Surprise 18th Birthday Party

Last night was one of the most successful surprises I’ve ever pulled off ever! We’ve been planning this surprise 18th birthday party for my sister for weeks now and it’s really surprising that she never had a single hint or clue about it, which is something I don’t complain about.

It was just a simple affair with all her closest friend from high school and college. Of course, I also invited my friend who were close to Martha.

I’m proud to say that my family was the one who made all the decorations and catered the awesome food for the guests!

So kilig to be part of this surprise debut for Martha!!! (and also kilig cos my photo with Ian and Isaiah is included in this photo set HAHA) I love you Carina! <3

Posted: July 13, 2014
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Ate, what does the ID in your sidebar mean? I keep seeing them around...

In Ateneo, it’s Information Design! Not industrial or interior design. Haha!

Posted: July 13, 2014
Well, jk. It wasn&#8217;t as woohoo or wild or what as I was expecting&#8230;.. but hey I'm not telling that it wasn&#8217;t fun. It was actually fun. It&#8217;s just something I don&#8217;t find interesting&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;. lola here. (kuripot kasi, at walang pera pang ganito HAHAHA)
I just wanted to share some of the photos I took from my camera. All of these are unedited so excuse our haggard faces hehehe

Thank you Carina and Yam!


Well, jk. It wasn’t as woohoo or wild or what as I was expecting….. but hey I'm not telling that it wasn’t fun. It was actually fun. It’s just something I don’t find interesting………. lola here. (kuripot kasi, at walang pera pang ganito HAHAHA)

I just wanted to share some of the photos I took from my camera. All of these are unedited so excuse our haggard faces hehehe

Thank you Carina and Yam!


Posted: July 11, 2014
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