Bad decisions make good stories.

Let me start off with a short intro about my business.

I am Raquel Mallillin and I own three online shops: @sprinkletoppastries, @jadoremnl, and @shieldsxprintsmnl (lahat ’yan instagram)

Yung sa Sprinkle Top Pastries— yan yung red velvet crinkles, cookies, cupcakes, graham balls atbp. Jadore MNL naman, yung monopods as of now. Dati yang clothes (partner ko dyan sila Carina at Yam hehe) tapos yung Shields x Prints MNL (former cheapmacbookcases) is my macbook cases online shop.

I am not here to brag about my online shops and shit pero this is a proof that I have at least a little bit of knowledge on how online shops work. It’s actually a good business and a nice way to earn extra money… but it’s definitely RISKY.

Anyway, my post is about this certain online shop who sells Macbook cases and accessories, decals, and smart phone and tablet cases too.

It was March 3, 2014 8:12pm when I first texted Rainbows x Papers Manila through Viber about their resellers rate. Syempre reply naman siya. Her rate was P680 per case set. So syempre good deal para sa akin yan since para sa Shields x Prints MNL. 

We’ve had conversations pa nga about the process, yung pricelist, her rates din sa ibang cases, etc. Then I bought 5 case sets from her. Drop shipping usually ginagawa ko para tapos na and I wouldn’t have to deal with the cases pa.

Since I ordered 5 case sets, total nun is 3,400. Additional yung shipping fee which is P270 lahat. So total of P3,670.

Same and usual process: I paid via BPI over-the-counter sa Alabang Town Center pa ‘yun. I took a photo of the deposit slip for proof of payment and sent it to her Viber.

Then ayun na nga, the next day she said— hindi daw dumating yung courier niya, which was Fastrack. Medyo taliwas sa page niya na ang official courier niya is Xend pero sige fine I wouldn’t mind. Ang sabi niya the following day, nasend na daw niya. I asked for the tracking numbers but she wouldn’t send it to me because wala daw sa kanya ’yung mga resibo… or she’s busy with finals.

Then dumating sa point na hindi na talaga siya nagreplyI kept on flooding her and calling her number pero wala. Pag tingin ko sa Instagram page niya— wala na. USER NOT FOUND. Okay, confirmed. Scam na nga. Pero I still didn’t stop trying to contact her, I even told her bakit bigla nalang nawala yung IG account mo siguro scammer ka no blablabah…. and by March 18 she replied saying, “Sorry namatayan kasi ako thats why I closed it without further notice” 

Hindi na ako nagreply. Nahiya na rin naman ako kasi namatayan nga naman diba. Pero sige, by March 21— she texted via Viber “Hi. Attached is your tracking number.” Pero walang naka-attach. Nakakaloka lang po. Kinulit ko nanaman. Paulit ulit. March 24— nag text siya ng listahan ng tracking numbers. Numbers nga lang eh wala pang pangalan kung kanino sinend diba. Una kong ginawa is trinack ko sa fastrack. Usually kasi di gumagana ng matino yung tracker nila since nagamit ko na yung Fastrack para magpaship and mind you— walang kwenta yung mga tracker nila. Hahaha. So what I did was, I emailed Fastrack about the tracking numbers and I sent the supplier’s full name and location.

Sabi ng Fastrack, invalid yung mga numbers sabay “Negative on our end.” Pinakita nila sa akin yung tracking number at sa ibang tao yun and gamit na yun before pa. Nakakaloka. Nag imbento si ate ng tracking number.

I didn’t tell her to give the money back, but I told her to look for it and ship it again. or basta gawan niya ng paraan. Pero wala. Ni sorry nga wala siyang sinabi eh. Ako pa pinagmukhang masama kasi siya na nga daw yung namatayan. Wow lang no. Okay first of all, kung magtatayo ka ng online shop mo, isipin mo yung mga buyers moCustomer is always right nga diba? Pero wala eh. Walang “pasensya na sa delay sis kasi busy kami ngayon blablablah” Wala eh, wala talaga. Siya pa yung galit. Busy daw siya sa school and namatayan pa. Ate, sa tingin mo hindi ako busy sa school? Ako rin nag-aaral ako. College din ako. May iba din akong buhay. Hindi lang yung pag bili ko ng case sayo. She even texted me, “Maayos na shinip yung cases FYI. So do not accuse me like ninakawan kita.” Ugh diba? The nerve!!!!!

March 25, 2014 11:03pm

She finally said, “I’m so busy with all the school works and namatayan pa ako. What do you expect me to do? Think if your on my feet. Hindi ka ba mappraning? I’ll refund you. How much? Send me the account numbers right away. I don’t know what happen to the cases I won’t bother na. Baka nag warp gaya ng airplaine. Who cares send me your account number thanks.”

What kind of mind do you even have, Ms. Pauleen Sebastian? Fix your attitude before you mind your school works. Mas mabuti pa yung mga taong bobo pero may modo kesa sayo na napaka-sipag gumawa ng school work pero ganyan kakitid ang utak. She even compared the packages to the Malaysian Airlines. Grabe lang? It’s not even a good joke. Pati na rin yung ”Think if your on my feet” niya. Siyempre, binanatan ko na napaka-ironic ng sinabi niya. Look who’s talking? Ang kitid. I told her na if I were in her shoes I’d do the right thing and act professionally. Sana inisip niya rin kung anong nararamdaman ko at yung mga hinaharap ko kasi tangina hindi lang naman siya yung nahihirapan. Hindi ko na nga alam kung maniniwala pa akong namatayan siya eh. Grabe lang talaga.

That was March 25. It’s now April 23. Almost one month na nakalipas. As usual wala pa rin yung sinabi niyang irerefund daw niya yung pera. Hindi na ako umasa. Sabi ko sa sarili ko lesson na rin siguro yun. Oo tanga kasi nascam, pero syempre in the first place hindi ko rin naisip yun kasi may mga feedback pa siya sa Instagram niya and she had like 1077 followers. So I didn’t even bother if scammer siya or not.

I know P3,670 isn’t really that big compared sa mga ibang na-scam online na nagbayad ng 10k or higher. Pero syempre, as a regular college student— P3,670 is A LOT. Ilang linggong baon ko na yun. Or syempre, ilang pamilya na ang mapapakain nun sa Pilipinas. Pero ano, nawala nalang parang bula.

What I did sa mga buyers nung case is syempre, bumili ako ng bagong case sa ibang supplier (na mas pricey) at syempre sa sarili kong pera. Yung iba gusto magpa-refund pero inexplain ko na wala na akong pang refund dahil sobrang short ko na sa pera. Kaya nagipon pa ako ulit para makabili ng case ulit para sa kanila. Nakakalungkot. Sayang yung pinaghirapan ko.

Para na rin sa ikabubuti ng iba kaya ipopost ko na to, at if ever kilala niyo to. Pakicontact nalang ako sa Tumblr Ask/Facebook/Twitter. Salamat. (Also, if may alam kayong way para matrack siya and like makasuhan siya please do tell me. Please, it will really help a lot!)

Online shop: Rainbows x Papers Manila (@rainbowsandpapers) 70 posts, 1077 followers, 248 following

Owner: Janine Michelle Pauline Sebastian a.k.a. Pauleen Sebastian

Mobile number: 0926 639 9873

BPI Account: 001589-2735-04

Location: Antipolo but dorms in Unit #07 Dorm Must CM Recto Manila

7 Notes | Posted on April 23, 2014

Happy 18th birthday, Janine!!!

One of the most bongga-cious debuts I’ve been to! Heehee. Anyway, I had a really great time spending and reuniting with the best people in the world. My family. My forever lovely classmates <3 <3 <3

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What a lovely moment

I admire people who actually don’t need an extravagant and expensive party. I’ve been in a few BIG debut parties but I just felt like it was nothing special and yeah okay goodbye money money money.

But this one just felt different. You can actually feel how happy she was seeing those important people, singing while dancing with people, and how much she cried when she was giving out her ‘speech.’ While I was taking a video of her moment with her father (while dancing), and when she started to cry— I felt that boom where I also wanted to hide and cry because (feels) hehehe <3

Happy happy 18th birthday Louise! You’re blessed to have such a wonderful family and friends :-)

PS; here’s the short onsite I made! Love, love, love.

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Louise Delovieres 18th birthday @ Bonellis, Westgate :-)

No I am not a guest here, so you won’t see any ootd/formal photos of mine. Haha! My team covered a debut (for the second time— as a team hihi) and we’re glad we did it again! It was definitely a fun debut and we didn’t have a hard time taking photos & videos. Her guests were cooperative and weren’t shy! <3

To book TEAM 360 for events/portrait shoots: go to

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Anonymous asked:
Hi! I just wanna ask about dorms outside Ateneo. Do you know about My Place and Oracle, and which among the two do you prefer? Is My Place worth the penny? I really hope you can help me with this. Thank you sooo much :)

I used to dorm in My Place. And I don’t know, I don’t think it’s worth your money if you really wanna enjoy your college life— unless you’re roommates with your friends. Bawal kasi bisita sa rooms. Hahaha. Oracle is a bit the same with My Place although their rooms are a bit smaller and parang nakaka-suffocate. Idk for me that’s what I think. But food chains are much nearer sa Oracle and there’s like Serenitea and the other restaurants near. Haha! Go get a condo unit, or like share one! Or…. may mga dorms sa likod na maganda naman, mura and pwede pa maginvite ng guests!!! :-)

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